The Best Ninja Air Fryer of 2023: Tried and Tested Favorites
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The Best Ninja Air Fryer of 2023: Tried and Tested Favorites


In recent ​years, air ​fryers have revolutionized ​the way ​we cook, providing ​a healthier ​alternative to traditional ​deep-frying methods. ​Among the top ​contenders in ​the air fryer ​market, Ninja ​has emerged as ​a prominent ​brand known for ​its quality ​and innovation. In ​this article, ​we will explore ​the best ​Ninja air fryers ​of 2023, ​based on tried ​and tested ​favorites from various ​sources. We’ll ​dive into their ​features, performance, ​and user experiences, ​helping you ​make an informed ​decision for ​your kitchen.

Ninja ​Foodi 8-Quart ​9-in-1 Deluxe XL ​Pressure Cooker ​& Air Fryer

​The Ninja ​Foodi 8-Quart Deluxe ​XL is ​a versatile kitchen ​appliance that ​not only functions ​as an ​air fryer but ​also offers ​nine different cooking ​functions, including ​pressure cooking, slow ​cooking, and ​more. Its large ​capacity makes ​it ideal for ​families or ​those who love ​to entertain ​guests. The pressure ​cooking feature ​enables quick and ​tender results, ​while the air ​frying function ​crisps food to ​perfection.

The ​intuitive control panel ​and clear ​LCD make programming ​a breeze, ​and the various ​accessories provided, ​such as the ​crisping lid ​and reversible rack, ​enhance the ​cooking experience. Users ​praise its ​ability to cook ​evenly and ​appreciate the time-saving ​convenience of ​a multi-functional appliance.

​Ninja Foodi ​5-in-1 Indoor Grill ​with Air ​Fryer

The Ninja ​Foodi 5-in-1 ​Indoor Grill with ​Air Fryer ​is a game-changer ​for grill ​enthusiasts. It combines ​the functions ​of an indoor ​grill, air ​fryer, and more, ​allowing users ​to enjoy grilled ​flavors without ​the hassle of ​outdoor cooking. ​The innovative cyclonic ​grilling technology ​ensures even heat ​distribution and ​char-grilled marks on ​your food, ​while the air ​frying function ​gives a crispy ​finish.

The ​smoke-control system helps ​to minimize ​smoke production, making ​it suitable ​for indoor use. ​Users have ​raved about its ​versatility, ease ​of cleaning, and ​the delicious ​results it delivers, ​whether you’re ​grilling steaks or ​air frying ​chicken wings.

Ninja ​Foodi Smart ​XL 6-in-1 Indoor ​Grill with ​Air Fryer

The ​Ninja Foodi ​Smart XL 6-in-1 ​Indoor Grill ​with Air Fryer ​takes grilling ​and air frying ​to the ​next level with ​its smart ​capabilities. Equipped with ​a digital ​probe thermometer, it ​allows precise ​monitoring of the ​internal temperature, ​ensuring perfectly cooked ​meats every ​time. The Smart ​Cook System ​takes the guesswork ​out of ​the equation, automatically ​adjusting cooking ​times and temperatures ​for optimal ​results.

The XL ​capacity makes ​it suitable for ​families and ​gatherings, and its ​non-stick, PTFE/PFOA-free ​grill grate guarantees ​easy cleaning. ​Users appreciate the ​smart features ​and have reported ​consistently excellent ​cooking outcomes.

Ninja ​Foodi 10-in-1 ​XL Pro Air ​Fry Oven

​For those seeking ​a countertop ​oven with air ​frying capabilities, ​the Ninja Foodi ​10-in-1 XL ​Pro Air Fry ​Oven is ​a top pick. ​This spacious ​oven offers ten ​cooking functions, ​including air frying, ​toasting, baking, ​and roasting. Its ​digital display ​and user-friendly interface ​make it ​easy to select ​the desired ​cooking settings.

The ​XL Pro ​Air Fry Oven ​comes with ​two levels of ​cooking space, ​allowing you to ​prepare multiple ​dishes simultaneously. Its ​rapid convection ​heating ensures quick ​and even ​cooking results, and ​the sleek ​stainless-steel design adds ​a touch ​of elegance to ​any kitchen.

​Ninja Foodi 2-Basket ​Air Fryer

​Ideal for those ​who value ​efficiency and versatility, ​the Ninja ​Foodi 2-Basket Air ​Fryer lets ​you cook two ​separate dishes ​simultaneously. Each basket ​has its ​own cooking functions ​and temperature ​controls, providing the ​convenience of ​preparing different foods ​with individual ​settings.

The DualZone ​technology ensures ​independent airflow and ​cooking for ​both baskets, maintaining ​consistent and ​precise results. With ​a large ​capacity, it’s perfect ​for busy ​households or hosting ​parties. Users ​have praised its ​performance, especially ​when making dishes ​like crispy ​fries and appetizers.


In ​conclusion, Ninja has ​continued to ​impress air fryer ​enthusiasts with ​its innovative and ​multi-functional kitchen ​appliances. The tried ​and tested ​favorites of 2023 ​showcase the ​brand’s commitment to ​quality, versatility, ​and user satisfaction. ​Whether you’re ​looking for a ​deluxe pressure ​cooker and air ​fryer combo, ​a smart indoor ​grill, a ​countertop oven, or ​a 2-basket ​air fryer, Ninja ​has an ​option to suit ​your needs.

​Remember to consider ​your cooking ​requirements, kitchen space, ​and the ​features that matter ​most to ​you when choosing ​the best ​Ninja air fryer ​for your ​culinary adventures in ​2023. Happy ​air frying!

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