Apple iPhone 13 Price in India, Full Specs (27th July 2023)
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Apple iPhone 13 Price in India, Full Specs (27th July 2023)


In the ​fast-paced world ​of smartphones, Apple ​has consistently ​been at the ​forefront of ​innovation, captivating users ​with each ​new release. On ​July 27th, ​2023, Apple unveiled ​its latest ​marvel, the iPhone ​13, much ​to the excitement ​of tech ​enthusiasts across India. ​This article ​delves into the ​full specifications ​and price of ​the iPhone ​13 in the ​Indian market, ​highlighting the device’s ​cutting-edge features ​and improvements over ​its predecessor, ​the iPhone 12.

​Design and ​Display

The iPhone ​13 retains ​the sleek and ​sophisticated design ​language that Apple ​is known ​for. It boasts ​a stunning ​6.1-inch Super Retina ​XDR display, ​now with improved ​brightness and ​color accuracy. The ​ProMotion technology ​brings a 120Hz ​refresh rate, ​ensuring smoother scrolling ​and animations. ​The front glass ​is strengthened ​with Ceramic Shield, ​offering improved ​durability and protection ​against accidental ​drops and scratches.

​Performance and ​Hardware

Under the ​hood, the ​iPhone 13 is ​powered by ​Apple’s latest A16 ​Bionic chip, ​a significant upgrade ​from the ​A15 Bionic in ​the previous ​generation. The A16 ​chip delivers ​blazing-fast performance and ​improved power ​efficiency, providing a ​seamless user ​experience even during ​resource-intensive tasks ​like gaming and ​video editing.

​The iPhone 13 ​comes with ​varying storage options, ​including 64GB, ​128GB, 256GB, and ​a massive ​512GB. This ensures ​that users ​can choose the ​storage capacity ​that best suits ​their needs, ​whether it’s for ​storing high-resolution ​photos, 4K videos, ​or a ​vast collection of ​apps.

Camera ​Enhancements

One of ​the standout ​features of the ​iPhone 13 ​is its advanced ​camera system. ​The device boasts ​a dual-lens ​setup on the ​rear, featuring ​a 12MP wide ​and an ​ultra-wide lens. Apple ​has made ​significant improvements to ​the camera’s ​computational photography capabilities, ​allowing for ​enhanced Night mode, ​Smart HDR ​4, and improved ​Deep Fusion.

​For photography enthusiasts, ​the iPhone ​13 Pro models ​offer even ​more with a ​triple-lens system, ​including a telephoto ​lens. These ​models also introduce ​ProRes video ​recording, taking mobile ​filmmaking to ​the next level. ​The front ​TrueDepth camera has ​also received ​an upgrade, now ​supporting Portrait ​mode for selfies, ​along with ​improved Face ID ​functionality.

Connectivity ​and Battery

The ​iPhone 13 ​offers 5G connectivity, ​ensuring faster ​download and upload ​speeds when ​connected to a ​compatible network. ​Additionally, Wi-Fi 6E ​support further ​enhances wireless performance, ​providing a ​seamless internet experience.

​Apple has ​worked on improving ​the battery life ​in the iPhone ​13. While ​the actual battery ​capacity hasn’t ​significantly changed, the ​A16 chip’s ​increased energy efficiency ​contributes to ​extended battery life. ​The device ​also supports MagSafe ​wireless charging ​and offers faster ​charging capabilities ​with the included ​USB-C to ​Lightning cable.

Operating ​System and ​Software

The iPhone ​13 comes ​pre-installed with iOS ​16, the ​latest iteration of ​Apple’s mobile ​operating system. iOS ​16 brings ​several new features ​and enhancements, ​including a redesigned ​Control Center, ​improved multitasking capabilities, ​and advanced ​privacy settings.

Price ​in India

​As of July ​27th, 2023, ​the iPhone 13 ​is available ​in four different ​variants in ​India, and their ​prices are ​as follows:

iPhone ​13 (64GB): ​INR 74,990
iPhone ​13 (128GB): ​INR 84,990
iPhone ​13 (256GB): ​INR 94,990
iPhone ​13 (512GB): ​INR 1,14,990
The ​iPhone 13 ​Pro models are ​priced higher, ​reflecting their advanced ​camera features ​and larger storage ​capacities:

iPhone ​13 Pro (128GB): ​INR 1,14,990
​iPhone 13 Pro ​(256GB): INR ​1,24,990
iPhone 13 ​Pro (512GB): ​INR 1,44,990
iPhone ​13 Pro ​(1TB): INR 1,74,990


The ​Apple iPhone 13 ​continues the ​legacy of excellence ​set by ​its predecessors, pushing ​the boundaries ​of smartphone technology ​even further. ​With its top-of-the-line ​performance, cutting-edge ​camera capabilities, and ​improved battery ​life, the iPhone ​13 is ​a worthy upgrade ​for those ​seeking the latest ​in mobile ​innovation. While the ​price tag ​may seem high, ​the device’s ​exceptional features and ​seamless user ​experience make it ​a compelling ​choice for tech-savvy ​individuals in ​India.

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